Home Compostable Packaging for Better Future

The Problem with Plastic Material

We are all aware of the increasing amounts of plastic waste in the world. Given enough time, all plastic eventually breaks down. The problem is that the plastic material can be toxic and the break down process can be very slow taking hundreds or thousands of years to finish.

Biodegradable Material

Biodegradable material has been specifically designed to break down faster. The process can be completed in months rather than centuries. However, the term biodegradable is quite broad and doesn't define the speed of the break down process or generated byproducts.

Compostable Material

Compostable material is more accurate term and there are standards and certifications around it describing the speed of the break down process, non-toxicity of material and break down byproducts. Also the material should contain more than 50% of organic materials.

Home Compostable Mailers

We are offering 100% compostable, zero waste Hero packaging in our shipping options. These mailers contain a second adhesive strip and can be reused multiple times. The material is non-toxic and fully home compostable, made mainly from corn starch and compostable bonding agent. In home compost the mailers break down approximately in 90-120 days. We hope you join us in reducing the plastic waste one mailer at a time!