Why To Choose Preloved Kids' Clothing Online

Australian Bureau of Statistics (https://www.abs.gov.au) reveals that the Online Shopping industry in Australia has grown dramatically over the past five years. The increasing number of internet connections and the customer confidence regarding online shopping has influenced positively on the volume of goods purchased online. Consumers are anticipated to increasingly use mobile phones to make purchases over the next five years, further driving the popularity of online shopping.

Convenience and price are the largest factors driving consumer demand for goods purchased online. Online retailing operators allow consumers to search for specific items with ease and purchase goods at their own convenience. Consumers have become more value-conscious and the trend towards bargain hunting has grown increasingly. Demand for goods purchased online is influenced also by discretionary spending, reputation, consumer sentiment, product range and the availability of substitutes from other retail channels.

IBISWorld (https://www.ibisworld.com.au) forecasts the percentage of people concerned about environmental issues to grow at an average annual rate of 0.7 percentage point over the five years through 2022-2023, to reach 81.3%. Sustainable consumers are steadily on the rise. Recent studies have revealed that Australian consumers are looking for more environmentally friendly businesses and environmentally sustainable brands.

Buying preloved clothing online is about convenience but isn’t only about looking for bargains. It’s also a more sustainable way of shopping: it means reusing and recycling, being a sustainable consumer.

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