FAQ - Preloved Kids' Clothes

What does preloved mean?

Preloved clothes (or secondhand clothes or recycled clothes) are items that someone else has owned (and possibly worn) before. The clothes may have been used (heavily or lightly) or they may be in new mint condition with still tags on.

Why to buy preloved / second hand / recycled baby and kids' clothes?

  1. Buying preloved children's clothing is sustainable and better for our planet. The environment benefits range from fewer carbon emissions to saving water and reducing landfill. Buying second hand kids' clothing helps lower the overall demand for new clothing to be produced.

  2. The prices of second hand kids' clothing are often a fraction of what the items cost when they were brand new so you can save a lot of money - especially in the long run.

  3. Preloved shopping offers a treasure hunt. There are so many unique and interesting pieces that aren't available in stores that sell only new merchandise. You just never know what you'll find!

Which are ethical / sustainable / eco friendly baby and kids' clothing brands available in Australia?

For example: Eternal Creation, Nature Baby, Oobi, Purebaby, Wilson and Frenchie, ReCreate, Oomph & Floss, Etiko, Pink Punk, Lily and Lord, Aunty Ellen, DUNS Sweden, Coddi & Womble, Little Green Radicals, More than a Fling, Slugs and Snails, Cliveden Collection, Gather and Moss, Soult, Hux Baby, Hendrik Clothing Co, Golden The Label, Pitupi, Little Emperor, Dhana, Beru Kids, Winter Water Factory, My Fair Baby, Earthlings, Hanna Anderson, Aster & Oak.

Which organic baby and children's clothing brands are available in Australia?

For example: Purebaby, Nature Baby, Wilson and Frenchie, Aster & Oak, Frugi, Babu, Sapling, My Heart Beats Green, Baobab, Oakie Baby, Anarkid, Joha, Pure Pure, Numero 74, Moon Picnic, Poudre Organic, Minimalisma, Little Veggie Patch Co, Apolina, Efie, Hello Petal, Serendipity Organics and Wooden Story. Even Target and K-Mart have their organic kids and baby clothes line.

Where to find handmade / scandi / rad / vintage kids' clothing in Australia?

These clothes can't usually be found new in mainstream shopping centres. With a bit of luck you can sometimes find handmade, Scandinavian, rad and vintage clothes at markets or op shops. There are also online and Instagram shops for new or preloved / second hand handmade, Scandi, rad and vintage clothes. At MiniMe Preloved you can find hundreds of interesting and unique pieces that cannot be found in department stores. We stock items that were only available new just a season ago as well as many years, even decades ago (vintage and retro items).


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